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Vortex Blastair

When the bulk material in your business accumulates in silos, warehouses, bunkers and flow chutes, the most effective and safest way to ensure the flow of material is to use Vortex Blastair air shock systems.

Air shocks are extremely effective on materials such as coal, cement and aggregates, especially if they hold moisture and become sticky even in small quantities.

As Vortex Blastair, we are ready to be your solution partner with our expert teams in all your flow problems with our air shocks produced in different features for the hot zone and cold zone suitable for your needs.


Vortex Blastair hot zone air blast systems prevent losses occurring in cement factories, due to build-up and hot raw meal adhesions occurring in cement factories, due to build-up and hot raw meal adhesion.



It uses a patented negative trigger system that provides greater impact force with less air consumption than competitors and simplifies installation and maintenance.


Production from high temperature resistant materials for high temperature applications;


• Double-sided long-life aluminum piston.

• Double anti-slip graphite ring.

• Easy access cover.

• Possibility to work at minimum 4 bar pressure.

6200 Newtons (632.22 kg) impact force at the recommended 6 bar pressure. (For V4100HT model)

• 3.2 m2 area cleaning capacity in one shot.

• 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200 liter pressure tube volume


• Flange size of DN100 (V4) and DN150 (V6).

• 100 liter air discharge capacity in 2 milliseconds thanks to the design that provides the Venturi Effect.

• Negative trigger system.

There are two types of models for cold zone and hot zone applications.



Vortex Bastair shock systems allow you to replace your old shocks with high performance Vortex Blastair shocks at affordable cost with Retrofit application.

  • It is compatible with all domestic and foreign air shock brands.

  • It can be changed immediately, in a short time.

  • High temperature resistant material.

  • Compression, expansion and non-jamming feature.

  • Possibility to get higher efficiency from existing air shock system.

Compatible with DN100 (V4) and DN150 (V6) flange sizes.

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