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Air Tanks


Our air tanks are produced in CE and TSE quality standards. Our air tanks are manufactured in high quality and according to the desired pressure and dimensions.


Painting of our tanks, whose production is completed, is performed with electrostatic painting techniques and the best results are obtained.

  • Vacuum Tanks

  • Vertical Tanks

  • Horizontal Tanks

  • Compressed Air Tanks

  • Up to 4000 mm diameter

  • It is produced at 11 bar, 16 bar, 40 bar and 60 bar standard pressures.

Other products;

  • Seperator Tanks

  • Hydrofoil Tanks

  • Fuel and Storage Tanks

  • Boiler Tanks

  • Cooling Tanks

  • Water Treatment Tanks

  • and Special Productions

Our products are specially packaged and carefully shipped in a closed crate.

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